Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blog Thing of the Day

So I did not really like the eggnog thing, I make people fat?? WHAT does that mean???...but this one is much better!

You Are New Year's Eve

If there's one thing about you, it's that you really know how to party.
You enjoy being the center of attention, and you love to dress up and go out.
Friendly and fun loving, you're always up for another toast... or another cocktail.
You definitely get a party started. And it's really not a party if you're not there.

What makes you celebrate: The promise of a few free drinks and a wild party.

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The bartender

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Wake up the next day not knowing how the night ended

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So this last weekend a bunch of us went to check out some cover band here in town. Well, it ended up being all of James Brown's peeps (yes he is from my hometown and there is a statue of him, maybe I will post that on my blog), even his cape guy (a whatttt you ask?, where is my cape guy?) and his "estranged wife"...with the pink hair or whatever color that is. And FYI, my drunk soon-to-be husband told her he loved her!!!! Guess that's what beer fishbowls and shots will do to you. However, the King of Soul might be dead but his band and back-up singers are still going strong. Poor James, little did he know all the hoopla he was going to cause. At least they finally buried the guy.

Check out his pink-haired "wife" Tomi Rae or Toni Rae, whatever her name is. She's on the right!

BTW: I have video of my sister the same night and she yells, "Tomi Rae scares me!" Gotta love my sister.

What Holiday Food Are YOU?

Okay, so this tells you what holiday food you are. Apparently, I am a lush.....go figure!

You Are Eggnog

Rich, sweet, and probably a little drunk. Everyone who knows you tends to get a little fatter.

Monday, November 26, 2007


So the lastest new thing is to give a shout-out to whoever...your lawyer, your pimp, your momma (if you are a celebrity, that is..)

So here is a shout out to some of my friends and family (who I know read my blog) for my fabulous weekend.....
  • Kristy, Amanda, Lee, Tracey, and Brian for being dancing Kings and Queens Friday night ( I have video) and the first four (sorry, B) for showing up Saturday night
  • My cuz's cuz, Jennifer, and Shane....SHANE HERE IS YOUR SHOUT-OUT! So next time I see you I want some free liquor, for rizzle! Shane keep that lady happy! Thanks for showing up Saturday night, too!
  • Natalie and Robert and Buddy...thanks for the par-tee and the great dinner!!
  • Of course, Freddie, for wanting me to be his wife!
  • To our wedding counselor (not that she would read this thing because then I would really be in counseling) but we "graduated" last night and do not have to go anymore. You don't say anything, she let's you go.....our technique for the pre-martial counseling.
  • For Christin showing up for half-a-second Saturday night and NOT even eating, pregnant lady! Are you sure you are married? Just kidding....
  • To Amanda (and Ginger) for my late night entertainment Saturday night. Ask Amanda about her "fall" to glory...Freddie said he didn't know there was a full moon!!
  • To Susan, my teacher buddy, she likes wine just as much as I do!!! :)
  • And well I am sure I will give some more shout-outs later...........

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Tis to Be Thankful

So Thursday is Turkey Day.

Let's just say I am sooooooo thankful for no school tomorrow. And thankful for my fiance, family, and...

Also, I am thankful for my friends that I never see. One such friend is Molly. Gotta luv some Molly. I told her I was going to put this on my blog, so Molly, consider this your little Ode to Molly Post!

Well Molly is the funniest thing ever. She has had some great nicknames...I won't mention them because she might get a little feisty. Well, I might mention one. In college one of her nicknames was Breakin' Shit! (I even had stationary made for her with that written on it!)Because she had, well, maybe had a few too many drinks and tried to break the light on the sorority drunk bus! Well, she might say she wasn't drinking but I know that I was (wish I could remember the story a little more clearly, but I could say that about a lot of college stories........) And I think Molly could have her own reality sitcom because I know I would watch it. She does some funny stuff. Maybe I will tell those stories at a later date and time. Also, I am not so sure how we got along so well. Maybe because we didn't ever live together. She is just as bad as my sister with the neatness (a little OCD)... far from me! But just the same, I love me some Molly! She says she is coming to my wedding. I can't wait for the funny stories to happen that night. Oh, and I will have a bottle of wine or two chilled and waiting on ya!

Well tonight on the phone Molly says, "It's not about the award, it's about the recognition..."
In reference to another funny story of hers. And let me tell you, I was laughing pretty hard at this one......
So Molly, "It's not about the award, it's about the recognition!"
Here is your recognition:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kindergarten Kronicles, Part "I lost count"

Let's call this post, Jylon and the Bean.
My class was playing "number" BINGO today and they were using dry beans as markers. Much easier than those cardboard things the game comes with. Anyhoo, the following scenerio plays out:

Jylon: I need some tissue. (hand covering nose).
Me: (I give him some.)
Jylon: Need another...
Me: (I am thinking is snot just pouring out his nose or what?)
Me: Why do you keep getting tissue?
Jylon: (Looks he has done something wrong)
Girl student: Um, Miss Williams, Jylon stuck a bean up his nose.

So I make him blow into a tissue and then look. YEP!!! Bean up the freaking nose. What is with my students? I had one put erasers in her ears, now beans up the nose.

I see the bean right at the tip of his nose. So I take a paperclip and unfold and decide that is my best bet.

Jylon and class too: MISS WILLIAMS, What are you doing with that paperclip?
Me: I am going to get the bean out of his nose!!
Class: Are we going to play some more BINGO?
Me: When I get this bean out of Jylon's nose!

Bean comes out and lands on tissue. Of course, it was probably the biggest bean I gave him. What the heck? Why a bean up the idea. He wouldn't give me a reason. Let's just say, my class can be very entertaining.........

PS...I made him throw the rest of his beans in the trash. He might have tried to stick those up the nose as well. Can't have a weak stomach to be a kindergarten teacher!

Saturday, November 17, 2007



Let's start by saying this...check out my post on Uga.
This will give you some background on where this post is going.
My sis's friends live across from each other. We will call one neighbor, Uga lover, and the other neighbor, the McCormack Family. Uga lover's cement Uga is always getting decorated
when he is out of town or when Georgia loses.
(Sidenote: Freddie and I have an Uga too so don't any readers get any ideas, and I MEAN IT!!)
Well, the Uga lover got revenge this weekend on the McCormack Family (whose daughter by the way is looking at USC)....check it out!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Love Me Some Good Shopping!

Some weddingish news..........

I am excited about some Augusta shopping. We now have a lovely "pavilion" with some new stores and you don't have to go into the mall. They just opened and my sis and I went to check them out this afternoon.

The stores include:
White House/ Black Market
Banana Republic
Ann Taylor Loft
and my favorite: Williams-Sonoma
And coming soon: PF Changs, sounds yummy!!!

Well I bought my first purchase from the White House/Black Market...for my rehearsal dinner! I think it is too cute. Hopefully Momma Brenda will approve......
BTW: spent too much $$$ this week on my video camera and now dress. Oh well, only live once, right?????????

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Will be here via UPS Soon.........

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Day

So today is election day, 2007. Just think next year this time we will be voting for a new President. Let's just hope that crazy woman doesn't make it, hope I am not offending anyone. But pah-leez. Who wants that crazy woman to be President??? Not me! I would rather have Monica Lewinsky.......

Last year this time, I was off campaigning for my dad. He ran for Superior Court Judge here in my town. Check out his old website, except don't look at me. I look like a deer in head-lights. However, disappointly (not a real word???) he lost in the December run-off to some dork who had people doing his dirty work. They said all kinds of nasty things about my father. Especially this jerk-face radio show host....who acts like he is on some high horse...although he has been married 3 times, that should show you something. And my father even went on his show to answer questions, and the jerk still said nasty things about him. This year he made some "nappy-headed" comment like Imus and some people protested his cable television show. I soooo wanted to go protest with them. But he he he his cable show was canceled. Poor Austin. Proves what comes around, goes around!!!

And my dad is better off not being the judge. He can hunt and play golf all he wants!!! :)

So on this election day, I was very un-American and did not vote....but I will come time for the newest President.......

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Murderer of Love

Yesterday, my sister and I went to see Dan in Real Life. You can read the review here if you want, although they don't claim it is all that great. Actually, it might not be worth the $9.25 (WHAT??? a freaking money pit, I should have known a long time ago to open my own Movie Theater but that is a different discussion)....anyway, it was cute and there was some cute lines in it. I love some Steve Carell but he is definitely not the same character he was in 40-Year Old Virgin, that's for sure.

Some cute lines include (don't read if you want to be suprised!!!):

His daughter screams at him: "MURDERER of love" of the funniest moments in the movie, I have to say. Whoever plays this girl is pretty funny. She is mad as hell as him the whole time and is mean as you know what.

Also the same girl's boyfriend tell Steve Carell that, "Love is not a feeling, Mr. Burns, it is an ability". They are in love after three days !!! The same girl gets mad because she doesn't want to leave the boyfriend and go on a family vacation because it is taking away from her "studies"!

There is also a part in the movie where everyone is singing "This little piggy went to market" a rock and roll version that is hilarious because Steve Carell is going to go out with some girl from high school who they called Ruthie Pigface (Whatever her last name was)....pretty darn funny.

I would have to rate this movie as a "girlie" movie. Freddie would never go to see this movie or would probably have fallen asleep......although we have never technically been to the movie theater, except for a via-satellite Widespread Panic Show (but that is a different discusssion as well)........We have never been on that dinner and a movie date!! Probably the only couple in America!!!!!

Anyway, I would recommend the matinee.........

Friday, November 2, 2007


Let me just say that I am pissed off.
Some person, let's say probably a stupid teenager, has taken my freakin pumpkin off our front porch. Yes, I went to a church pumpkin patch and bought a pumpkin (a big one) to put on the porch as well as a little one to keep UGA (you know a little black and red cement Uga) company. Well the freakin person who took my BIG pumpkin didn't take UGA or the itty bitty pumpkin. I meant what the heck??!! It was there last night...didn't pay attention this morning, so not exactly sure when it was taken. SO whoever took my pumpkin, I WANT IT BACK!!!!! It was my Turkey Day decorations too! I mean it is AFTER Halloween. What are they going to do with a pumpkin????
That is what I want to know and that is why I am pissed off this afternoon.

Whoever took my pumpkin sucks!