Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shower Time Part II

So these are some of the presents that Trace got at his FIRST baby shower!

A big frame to hang in his room and it matches perfectly. His room is painted green and has white and chocolate brown bedding.
This is the cutest turtle. It lights up and puts stars on the ceiling in three different colors.
He got all kinds of books including this little Night Night Pookie book and Curious George book collection and some little doggie books.
He got his first pair of boxers (diaper covers). Aren't they just too cute. His monogram is on them.
Puppy books and little puppy stuffed animals. We are doggie people so we hope the dogs get along with him!
Bath time supplies...
Cute blankets and a miracle, wrap him up blanket!
Some cute clothes and he even got his coming home outfit and a matching blanket.
DIAPERS!!! I am going to need LOTS of those!!!!
A present for says: "Mommy's Sippy Cup"!!!!! ha ha ha
He got more presents not pictured including a cute ducky hooded towel, a thing to help him sleep in the crib (you know I like my sleep and I hope he does too), his first silver cup, bibs, more diapers, his first stacking toys, a grocery cart cover, and even his first CD! :) We are so thankful for all of his gifts from this shower. Thanks to Beth and Kelly for an awesome shower!

Baby Shower Time

So my first baby shower was on HALLOWEEN (yes, I was the one dressed up as a pregnant lady! ha!) Thanks to my friends Beth and Kelly for throwing me a brunch on a Saturday morning. I got lots of cute presents from lots of "teacher friends" of mine. Trace is going to be all set.
Here are me and the wonderful hostesses! The food was yummy (and thanks to Kelly's hubby...because I know that he helped out!). I need that cream cheese bacon dip recipe!

Here are me and two of my teacher friends from the FIRST public school I ever taught at. Of course, we are all now at three different schools....And Alissa (left) is next because she is preggars too....and well Susan will be getting married (right) and we can't wait for that!
And we are the College of Charleston ladies. We all went there...and it's funny because I didn't know Beth when we went there. We met after...but of course I knew Molly...but I won't tell you any college stories!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day to Everyone!

Things I am thankful for this year:
-that my hubby and I are about to be parents of a little boy
-for our friends
-for our family
-that my dad BEAT cancer and is cancer free and he will be a granddaddy very soon (thanks to God above...we know that prayers are answered!)
-for our 4 legged children
-for all of our other blessings 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

32 weeks

As of Wednesday, I was 32 weeks. Yeah....time is a flying. I had my first shower last weekend. And this baby is going to have so many clothes for the next 6-9 months..but then what?!! ha! :)