Sunday, December 23, 2012

My BIG 3 Year Old

Guess who turned 3 years old today? I can't believe it! Time does fly by. He is so stinkin' cute that some days I can't stand it. We had a birthday party with his little sister in November so he has really been confused. We took him Friday night to Myabi (the Japanese Steak House) and he had so much fun. He kept yelling, "Fire! Fire!" Then they came and sang and played the drums. They made him stand up and he loves clapping his hands. It was a hoot. Hubby says we aren't going back for 5 more years. Ha!

Today he woke up and we had a book, a monster truck, and his first Legos. We played and played and then went to my moms to celebrate Christmas. He got birthday presents he is just really confused.

He has just started potty training and is doing so good. Just number one but we will take that for now! Blow pops are his new best friend after he gets 7 stickers. The first time he said,"Momma? What are these called? These are yummy in my tummy!"

Oh I love my little boo boo. He melts my heart when he tells me he wants another "tiss" and a big hug. Or that he missed me! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

My 2 year old

Yes, right now I am the mother of TWo 2 year olds.

Today we finally went to baby girl's two year check up.

She weighs almost 36 pounds and she is 3 feet tall. She is above the charts for both.

She is such a little mess. She won't say love. Just you too mom! She wants juice all day long. She is curiously watching her brother go pee pee in the po po! :)