Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my hubby!

Monday, February 23rd was our FIRST anniversary. 

This was how it went down:

I had to work. UGH! Then I got home. We went to Mexican (our favorite)! Then to a movie. Yep, a movie. We have only been to the movies twice. Once to see Step-Brother and that really doesn't count because I think a certain someone had been drinking quite a few. And another time to see Widespread Panic via satellite, so that really doesn't count.

We saw Gran Tarino (sp?). And you actually like the guy in the end and I even cried.

I gave hubby (paper for one year)...a shadow box with a menu of a restaurant from our honeymoon in Vegas and on the back of the menu was Michael Waltrip's autograph (NASCAR). When we were in Vegas there was a race going of course everyone thought we were there for the race (considering our Southern accents, I guess) and we saw him eating at this restaurant called Olives in Bellagio. So Tipsy Hubby goes over and gets his autograph but calls him Darrell (his brother another racecar driver)...and funny, when Michael signed the menu he wrote underneath it "Darrell's bro"!!! So I made a copy of the menu and put the autograph in this shadow box. So that was kind of thoughtful, don't ya think? Hubby thought so.

His paper to me: of course was a card and a little book called I love you with pics and phrases.

Happy Anniversary to us and many more to come!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Before and After

Before Picture:After picture:

As many of you may know, my dad was recently dignosed with lung cancer. It is non squamous small cell adenocarcinoma. (I think that is the official diagnosis...I have tried to read up about it and get rather confused.) He has had his first round of chemo and he has responded well but just a few days ago he starting losing his hair so he got a buzz cut. He had gotten a short cut (well the shortest for him in a long time in my BEFORE picture. We think he likes his hair to show off to his friends that he has (had) hair and they didn't!). But now he has his shortest hairdo since he was in the National Guard. He gets his second round of chemo on Tuesday so we hope and pray it will work even better with his second round. The cancer is all spread out in his lungs and makes his breathing difficult; however, he does not have to be on the oxygen 24/7. Just when he thinks he needs it, when he is sleeping, or exerting a lot of energy. Please pray for my dad! :)