Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 months

I am super late cause this baby is almost 11 months on October 11. This was taken on September 11. Yeah, I don't have time to breathe!!!! Much less post pictures.

Evie now has 4 teeth, number 5 coming in. She has been teething all month. Waking up at weird hours. (Mommy doesn't like that!! :)

She can say bye bye and wave bye bye. She can say dada and mama.

She is showing her "diva" personality more and more. She does not want to be alone in a room. She does not like her car seat. She does not always want to take a nap. But, she is sooo loving. She loves to giver you "open mouth" kisses and pats me on the shoulder when I am rocking her to sleep!

She does love to eat: pancakes, chicken sticks, peas, greenbeans, butterbeans, cornbread, mums, cheerios, basically anything I give her.

And she is drinking her bottle all by herself! :) Makes life easier. Now if I could just get her to change her own diapers??!!