Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun in the SUN!

Some photos of Hilton Head Island:

Swimming with the Sting Rays....JUST KIDDING! That's when I went on a cruise to the Caymans. Wish HHI's water looked like that!
Look at all of the damn people:

Lindsey in ACTION....
The Men (in the shade of course):
Look at all of those damn freckles:

Hilton Head or Bust...

We have been at Hilton Head with hubby's family for the past week. Getting my tan on, shopping like a fool, getting chubby from all the food, and having lots of drinkies.

Favorite drinks of the week: UM um, some Sex on the Peach from the Frosty Frog!
My Bud Light Limes
Regular Bud Lights

Favorite Food of the week: Hamburger from Fuddruckers.
Gyro from Market Street Cafe
Grilled scallops from the Sea Shack (featured on Rachel Ray's $40 dollars a day!)

Favorite Shopping and Items: Beach cover up from Marshalls
Dress from Fresh Produce
Sandals from Fresh Produce
My new Croc Flip-Flops (chocolate/cotton candy colored)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

In honor of Thirsty Thursday, I will say my cousin's weekend last weekend was my first experience with Bud Light Limes. UMMM! I liked them. Of course BL's are my top favorite but the new BLL's work just as nice.

Here are some more pics of the big event:

Freddie and me (our before pic...never really got the after, though):
They are all enjoying some BLs!

Of course, they are only having water and wedding cake. No drinkies for the little princesses!

My New Motto...

Bought this recently at a cute store in Highlands, NC. I added my ribbon touch and actually need to move the pic down (a pic of where our reception place) and am going to add two more wedding pics, too. Anyhoo, I ain't ever gonna be here is my new motto!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Getaway Car

This weekend my cousin (actually cousin's cousin) got married. We are very close to my cousin. My sister was the maid of honor and I was a reader. But the Bride and Groom did not have a way home and so guess who was driving? Yep, the bride with her parents in the back. How funny! Everyone had a "little" too much fun if you know what I mean!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I know..much much cuter with hair!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday, we spent the hot, hot day at the lake. Not our normal lake spot. We were in our future "retirement" territory as my hubby says. His grandmom had some land out there, so who knows, we may have a nice retirement home...but it is in the middle of no-where land! :) We cruised through the land to check it out. He could pee off the porch (on our imaginary home right is just land) and NOT A SINGLE PERSON would see him!

Anyway, we were crusin' with some friends on the water and saw this. I had never seen one before. An air chair? So gotta have one of these....does anyone out there have one or been on one?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun Friday!

Check out the side of my blog where it says: Weather in the AUG

Um, I am wearing a bikini.
That is a joke! Although it is hot as hell here. But no bikini for me. Wouldn't want to scare anyone! :)

Happy Friday!