Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Sidenotes

*I am so more school until August 3rd. Except August 3rd?? That is way too soon and way to early to go back. Oh well. The kids did get out May 22nd.

*I leave in the morning...BEACHbound! With a bunch of girls. Yeah, girls trip. However, no drinkies for me. No beer, no margaritas, no fruity drinks. OH well...guess I can be the DD, huh?!

*I shopped at every darn store in town for a bathing suit. I am starting to show??!! Is this too soon? My fat is officially turned hard underneath my belly button.
 I finally found a tankini and it isn't great, but it will do. I either looked like a stripper (boobs tooooo big and coming out) or a fatty boom-a-latty!

*Do you like my ticker?

*I am actually more pregnant that it says. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow but whatever, it's cute!

*I took pictures  Memorial Day at the lake weekend but we were stuck inside and it was raining so I won't bore you.

*My mom gave me this really cool drawing of me and my hubby at our wedding for my anniversary gift (in February...but the artist just finished it). I will have to take a picture and post, it is neat. I hung it today in the bedroom.

*Have a great week. I hope to get some sun on these Casper legs...but hope the heat doesn't make me too nauseous! I am bringing an umbrella just in case.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I wonder why my hubby gave me these presents for Mother's Day? Hmmmm......

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ricky Bobby

Talladega Baby!!!

Last weekend hubby took me to my first Nascar Experience. I have never been to a race and have always wanted to go...just to see. He is a big fan and when he was little he and his dad would watch the races. Apparently, they had to race home from church on Sundays!

Well my first race was Talladega in Alabama. Not sure if it is really like the movie...although some drunk from Texas kept calling my hubby Ricky Bobby? Have yall seen that movie..if not it is HILARIOUS! Rent it!

I took lots of pictures so beware...I am including them below! I did have a great time although at one point I got a little too hot (it started at 1:30 and we were the closest to the sun...we had seats on the very top row of the stand...near turn 2, if that means anything to you race fans!)

Okay...this is the typical REDNECK woman at Nascar...overweight woman (well not all of them) with tight jeans or jean shorts and a bikini top?!!! Gives a whole new meaning to "muffin top". I did get sunburned but not because I was wearing a bikini top!

A close up of some cars zooming by...
This was a the beginning of the race...too cool!
Me and Hubby, he ran out of beer (you can take inside so he can to get some BIG Buds!)
My man Dale Junior is the second car...can you see him?
Me and Hubby, our Australian friend (who came all the way for the race) took our picture.
Everyone leaving the race. Craziness!
More of turn 2. Our view from the top.
Pre-gaming it. Glad Hubby borrowed a tent..otherwise I really would have been sunburned!
Look at this redneck truck...Peeing on 24 (Jeff Gordon for any of you who don't know) and Junior Da Man! HA!!!!
Can you see the yell0w bus. Lots bring those to camp in for the week?!!!
Where we parked. Close to our seats!