Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's Fifteen For Freddie

  • Here is a list of Fifteen Fabulous Things About Freddie on this Friday:
    He is coming home soon. He has been in Michigan for the past 5 or 6 weeks training the hounds, but he is still going to miss my birthday. Poor me :( But he did surprise me last year and was supposed to be out of town.....and didn't tell me he was driving back to Augusta.
    2. Since he trains labs, he has got to like dogs, right? And so he loves my little pain-in-the hiney pooch. Although he keeps telling me to go pick up our puppy.....a lab that will "make us money".....I hope he is kidding. Although I know that he is not kidding...........
    3. He claims that he has been "dating" me since December 23, 2005. He was so random I wasn't quite sure ...but if he says that is the date, then so be it!
    4. We went from being "night time lovers" to being in love. Someone asked us if we were dating and I wasn't sure what to say so I jokingly said, oh, we're just night time lovers.........then out of the blue we were in love!
    5. He likes to cook (AKA grill). Makes my dinner regimen much easier. I just have to provide the "sides"!!
    6. He will be able to help me plan the wedding soon. He has agreed to help pick out all of the items on our wedding registry. Does he really know what he is getting himself into?
    7. I was the first girl (according to my cousin's wife) to be asked to go on a skiing trip with him/them. So, we got to go skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah last New Year's Eve. Tip for all future snowmobilers in Utah: don't eat the yellow snow!!!
    8. He meets my sister's standards. If you know my sister, you would completely understand......And she had a "date" with an older man the other night!!!! I knew she would find a sugar daddy!!
    9. We met at the Williams Family Christmas Party. AND, no we are not related. He is just friends with my cousins. But my sister likes to tell people that, guess she wants them to ask if he and I are related. That sounds redneck doesn't it???
    10. He is going to stay at home and take care of the kids when I have babies. Just kidding. He says that but he would not be so lucky. Not that I don't trust him but that he would get to take naps when the kids were taking naps. No way am I letting that happen.
    11. He brings me breakfast on Saturday mornings (sometimes) when he has to go "air" dogs and I get to stay in bed. But even better, he likes the Waffle House as much as I do for "brunch"!
    12. We get to eat my favorite, MEXICAN, at least once a week. And we also get to eat at the Bonefish at least once every two or three weeks...but I am sad because I haven't been there since he left town and we got engaged.
    13. He knows my middle name. We had been dating for like a year and he did NOT know my middle name. WHAT? I knew his middle name. He better know it now....if you see him, ask him what my middle name is.
    14. He never has an excuse to forget my birthday. His birthday is August 9 (08/09). My birthday is September 8 (09/08)....just switch the easy is that to remember???
    15. HE is going to marry me on February 23rd!!!!

(Thanks to Leslie for the great idea!!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I decided to copy some others who make a Thursday list of 13 things. In honor of my hometown here goes:

Thirteen Things I Love About Augusta
13. I was born and raised here.
12. The Augusta National....I mean what else is there to do here besides play golf?
11. We have a lake nearby, good for this Labor Day weekend!
10. I like my school where I am now teaching the little ones.
9. There are lots of choices for YUM YUM MEXICAN!
8. Close enough to the beach....Edisto or Charleston, anyone????
7. I think there is less than 6 Degrees of Seperation in this town.
6. No traffic on the way to work.
5. We do have a good Target. I should buy stock in that company.
4. I have nosey neighbors (could be a bad thing but I know they are looking out for us!!)
3. We are getting some new stores at our mall!!!
2. My parents and sister live here so when I have babies.......they can babysit!
1. My fiance lives here. That would be the number one reason to stay in this town!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dressed to the Nines

I can assuredly say that I am not always dressed to the nines. But what are people thinking these days when they leave the house? I am not talking about these celebrities who do not wear underwear or boobs coming out of their shirt. I am talking about normal everyday people. Just this weekend I have seen two people out and about that apparently did NOT look in the mirror. So today I went with my friend Susan to eat lunch and saw this guy with a nice polo shirt on and khaki shorts...from first glance, he was fine, but then his shorts were almost as high as his boxer shorts, assuming he had them on. Now, he would be one of those people in the back of Glamour that blocks the eyes out of people and has the bad fashion statement pictures. No man should ever wear shorts that short. I don't even wear shorts in public. Then on Friday night there was this girl dressed up for her bachelorette party and well she was a very big girl (I have no room to talk) but she had on this cheap Party Dollar bachelorette tiara and the Miss America banner across her chest that said something about Bride to Be and her friends should have known better. So I hope that if I look ridiculous someone will have the guts to tell me!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kindergarten Kronicles Part I

So, week 2 is under my belt of the lovely kindergarteners. Some may find these posts boring but nothing else is going on here in Augusta right now. Work, work, work. I have been there almost every day until about 6. I hope that ends soon. I can't even take a nap when I get home. I might as well just go to bed! I will have some wedding stuff and parties coming soon and that will be much more exciting!!! :)

So these are some lessons I learned this week. I thought my doggie wasn't potty trained the other day when he pooped inside. Lately, he has become a pooping and eating machine. I hope he isn't sick. But back to my kindergartners. They are the ones who are not potty trained!!!!

3. THEY CAN BE LITTLE CON-ARTISTS, ALREADY. One little girl in my room is a drama queen already and can be very convincing. Why didn't she put up her blanket at naptime? Because her momma told her not to. Why didn't she finish her work? Because her momma told her not to. Why did she bring her jump rope to school? Because her momma told her to. Oh and one little boy told me that he and his momma saw an alien on the way to school? How exciting. Should I be alarmed?!!!!

2. THEY STILL PEE IN THEIR PANTS. So the little girl who cried all day last week decided to pee in her pants and not tell me. I went searching to the art room where she said she peed in her pants and no evidence?!!!!! Oh my goodness.

1. THEY STILL POOP IN THEIR PANTS. WHAT? Yeah, I thought the same thing. I had a boy two days in a row poop in his pants. Oh my goodness. So his mom informed me about the first day. I thought there was an awful stench in the room. Guess it was just him. But the second day I put him in the bathroom gave him a change of underpants and when he came out his pants were on backwards (how did he get them zipped?) and his shoes were on the wrong feet. I give up!! :) Actually I just washed my hands about 17 times although I didn't touch anything. I just felt dirty like poop!

At least my job can be very entertaining...........


As they say it is HOT HOT HOT here in Augusta. So here is a little tribute to my protective pooch, Harley, and well, it was his birthday recently although I did not have a little doggie birthday. One could say he was undeserving of it considering his little habit of hiding under the bed recently and trying to bite you if you try to get him. Getting stubborn in his old age!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Top Ten Things I Learned This Week

These are the top ten things I learned this week from my kindergarteners.

10. They are itty bitty. I have one little girl who is just teeny tiny. You could take her home and put her on your shelf, she is so cute.

9. Assume they know nothing. Don't tell them to go stand at the blue line. Show them where the blue line is. Otherwise, you are going to have total chaos.

8. They love to eat. All they want to know is when is snack time and when is lunch?!!

7. Most of them will go to sleep at naptime, and well the others who don't sleep play opossum. And when I say, "Are you playing opossum?" They say "Yes!" However;I don't think they know what that means!

6. They cry a lot. I had one that cried all day the first day, didn't show up the second day, and cried all day yesterday. They still want their "mommies!"

5.They don't know anyone's names, not even mine. They keep saying, "Teacher, he touched me!" And when they want to play with each other they say, "hey you, come here!"

4. Bribery is the key. They will do anything for a sticker. It is amazing how quiet they will be when someone else gets a sticker.

3. The love to touch things. My rule of keeping their hands and their feet to themselves is a joke. They love to touch everything in my room or the wall or pulling someone's hair. Hopefully by Christmas they will learn this rule.

2. They cannot come up with their own rules. When we were going over the rules on the first day I thought it would be a good idea for them to make the class rules. They came up with: No hitting. No biting. No kicking. No punching. Well okay, so I had to intervene and tell them MY rules, like be polite to others and listen quietly to the teacher.

1. They love school. At the end of my first day, one of my little boys said, "Ms. Williams, SCHOOL IS THE BEST!!!" And to top it off, he is the wild child in my room. So I guess that makes kindergarteners so sweet. Much better than the drama queens and meanies I had last year in fifth grade.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The First Day of School

OR Nap???

Remember when you were little and you would be sooo excited about the first day of school? I at least would when I got older because I got so bored of my parents and/or only hanging out with my sister. Well, tomorrow is the first day of school for kids and guess who isn't teaching fourth grade? Nope. I was supposed to teach fourth grade, my room was all set up for the lovely darlings, and at 4pm on Thursday, I was told that I am teaching kindergarten. OH MY GOODNESS!!! WHAT??? Yep, that's what I thought too. Why me? Well, I have been soooooo stressed out because I am getting my masters and had two papers to type, and all of this little people stuff to get ready. They may be crying tomorrow morning when their parents drop them off, and well, I might be too. Maybe I will have to buy my own mat and take my own little nappie with them. So don't come knockin' on Ms. Williams door tomorrow around 12. Hopefully, I will be teaching them how to take out their mats and take a nice little nappie. And I might need one, or a margarita, when school gets out at 3!! Wish me luck.......I had fifth graders last year!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't Touch Elmo!!!

So, this is my life is good moments blog; however, this isn't really a life is good moment. So Aunt Jennifer (easier than saying your second cousin) bought Madison a cute little sprinkler to use at the beach this summer. Well, according to my cousin, Chris, and his wife, Cady, Chris wanted to thank me last night for trying to harm his little present has been recalled for lead paint. Check out this article by CBS News! It is a good thing Madison didn't play with it in the tub or want to sleep with it!! I mean who knew that a Grow With Me Elmo Sprinkler was TOXIC? Elmo must have been playing with Britney Spears or something!!

To see Elmo in action, see my previous post called Edisto Fun!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


The good news is here. For all you party animals, our wedding (Freddie and me, of course) is set for February 23, 2008 in Augusta, Georgia. Oh, and here is a picture of my wedding dress: JUST KIDDING. Someone would show it to Freddie and it has to be a surprise!!!!!!