Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kindergarten Kronicles Part 4

student: My ear hurts
me: Does your throat hurt too?
student: noooo.........
me: Well the nurse is not here today. When you get home tell your mom your ear hurts. You might have an ear infection.
student: okay

30 minutes after school is over. Student's mother calls. Student had put a pink eraser from the end of a pencil in her ear. Student had to go to doctor to get them to remove it.

I didn't think to LOOK in her ear!!!! Lesson learned: look in ear or any "hurt" place for weird objects!!!!!

Two For Tuesday

In honor of this lovely Tuesday:

Two names you go by:

Two things you are wearing right now:
1.White cable-knit sweater from Target (great deal!!)
2. My favorite Sperry boat shoes

Two of your favorite things to do:
1.Hang out with my fiance
2. Happy hour somewhere

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
2.To be done with getting my masters degree

Two favorite pets you have had/have

Two things you ate (or drank) today:
1. Diet Coke.....everyday!
2. Cube steak (venison) casserole

Two people you last talked to
2. My neighbor

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Going to work
2. Stay a little late to get report cards done!

Two longest car rides.
1.Canada (on tour bus)
2. Texas (on tour bus)

Two favorite holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Halloween....means fall! :)

Two favorite beverages:
1.Diet Coke
2. Margarita and Bud Light are a tie!!!

A New Baby!

So guess who has a new baby....okay well puppy! Yep, Freddie got a new puppy...he was being called NO NAME but he finally has a name! Hank. Maybe he will make us as much $$$$ as the Original Hank Williams! He will be a doggie in training soon......and by the way, Harley doesn't too much like him as of yet!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me????

Hello to everyone who reads my blog. I have been very slack for several reasons:
1. Kindergarteners make ya tired!
2. Freddie came back from Michigan so I have been spending time with him. We went to Hilton Head two weekends ago. FUN!
3. I am getting my masters and I hate writing papers. I know the moola will be worth it. But ugh!
4. I don't have a computer at my house....just my mom's...HOWEVER; as of tomorrow Freddie's new imac will be set up for internet! YEAH!! :)
5. I got sick, a sinus infection, last weekend and could barely move. I blame it on the rugrats I teach.
So stayed tuned for my latest stories........

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Man Charlie!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kindergarten Kronicles Part 3

Only out of the mouth of a 5 Year Old.....

Me to student: Tell me your full name.

Student: Owen HOTWHEELS W******** (just in case his mommy didn't ever want his name published)

Me: (burst out laughing, and it is naptime at school, and I think snot may have come out of my nose) What is your middle name?


Me: Hotwheels???

Student: Yeah.

Me:Owen, I think your middle name is James. James is your middle name.

Owen:ooohhhhh. [Student goes back to mat with his head hanging down :( ]

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wedding News

So one more step for the wedding is down. Finally, a photographer. Thank goodness and I registered for some cool dinnerware. I registered at this place in Augusta called Charleston Street, a flower shop. Who knew you could registered for dinnerware there. The stuff is called Juliska and I really like it. I am mixing the pieces in white and cappuccino colors. For any of you, who give a darn!!! I said to heck with fine china!!!!

Take No Offense, Please!

GO DAWGS..........SICK 'EM!!!!!!!

So, yesterday was the big Georgia vs. South Carolina game and poor Georgia lost. However, it was my birthday (old as dirt, I know!) and my sister and I went a celebrating and then to Fun-Leigh's (one of the SOHO comedians) house for some entertainment. Amanda's buddy Zim lives across the street from Fun-Leigh and Fun-Leigh likes to play practical jokes on Mr. Zim's dawg, Uga, that lives on his front porch. So we snuck over and posted a little sign on Uga. I wonder if Zim has found it today....he he he And I do like my Georgia roots but I thought this was pretty entertaining to say the least. Who doesn't like a practical joke???

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Kindergarten Kronicles Part 2

So you never hear about a good thing with parents in the public schools. Well, not usually. It is mostly the bad things teachers do (in the news or on tv)...however, I had a parent email my principal, so I thought I would share it:

I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to “Rave” about one of your teachers. Mrs. Williams has been a God sent to us this year. My daughter had a very difficult time adjusting to a new/bigger school and it wasn’t easy for any of us, but Mrs. Williams never gave up and she met us more than half way. She has been wonderful and my daughter is starting to settle in.

I felt it important that I tell you this because so many times we receive complaints about what someone is doing wrong, but we don’t seem to get enough Compliments when someone is doing something right.

Mrs. Williams is doing it Right!

Monday, September 3, 2007


My friend Julie from high school just had her third baby, and it was a boy. Thank goodness or she would be trying again (at least she said that she is very thankful). Eli was born on Friday and look at all of that hair!!! He is teeny tiny. I guess I need to get started to catch up with her. I will definitely wait until, at least February 23rd!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


So this weekend is Labor Day and my cousin Robert and Natalie invited me to the lake for a little celebration on Saturday, sorry no pics, I totally forgot. We had a good time and well everytime I am with them funny, wild things always happen.
1. Brian, one of Robert's buddies, wanted to put out a trout line to catch some fish; however, no fishies were caught only part of a tree with a lake jellyfish on it. Does a lake jellyfish exist? That is what it look like. Robert got a video of it and all you can hear in the background is my sister saying: OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! She probably won't be swimming the lake water for some time........
2. GEORGIA won the game. Yeah! Go Dawgs!!! Except there is one player, if someone could tell me how to pronounce his name:
KNOWSHON???? What was his momma thinking?
3. Buddy brought me
Patron for my birthday next weekend. What? Is he crazy? So apparantly I had to do some shots so I did one with each of the men there. Good thing there were only 3!! And then I got a little chatty!!
4. The only thing missing: Freddie!