Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not Yo Ordinary Peanut Butter and Banana....

Crepes! Yep, tonight was "Sunday Night Suppa Club" as we call it (although hubby is out of town) and my cuz made some peanut butter and banana crepe cake type thing. Freddie and I have been talking about it since Vegas. See we had some peanut butter and banana crepe in Paris at La Creperie. It was damn good! Well my cuz's rendition was pretty damn good tonight too. YUM YUM YUM. I love being a glutton! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stylin' and Profilin'

My new fashionable glasses. Yep, brand name ones: BCBG. And I even had some guy (probably more feminine that masculine) tell me he liked my glasses. Now I can see (updated prescription). But I HATE when people say, you look so good without your glasses. Does that mean I look ugly with them? Anyway, I like my new glasses, so there!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm A Nerd?

Latest bad news:
On Monday night around 6pm I spilled water on my mac keyboard. Yep, major no no. The keyboard went nuts. If you typed letters, it typed numbers. Good thing I have Apple Care. Whatever that is. Called the number and they would send me another for FREE. HECK yeah!! But, it was liked I lost my best friend...but only for one evening. See, next day after work, the keyboard is at my door. The guy told me 2 to 5 business days. Less than 24 hours later I have my keyboard back and running. I mean you can't even get on the darn internet really without the keyboard. Well, my sister claims that they know I am a nerd. And they overnight computer parts to nerds. So, yep, I guess I am a nerd. They knew I would be lonely without my best friend, the keyboard. It is a good thing, too. My hubby is out of town and what would I do all by myself and no computer?!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kindergarten Kronicles, Part Three Million Probably

So as you well may know, Monday was St. Patty's Day.

Well a leprechaun came to my room and caused some mischief.
He pulled down some book bags, he played in the home living center and left a mess, he sprinkled green glitter on my teaching table, he left green M&M's for everyone, he messed up the naptime blankets, and turned over chairs!! He even left a green feather that came from his hat.

Do you know what my husband said?

Me: A leprechaun came to my room today (Monday I was telling him).
Hubby: Really?
Me: Yes, he...(told him about the above things)
Hubby: Why did he do that?
Me: Because leprechauns like to do bad things.
Hubby: Where did you find him?
Me: What do you mean? OHHH...Do you believe in leprechauns?
Hubby: NO.
Hubby: I thought you might have some midget dressed up come to your room.
Me: Um, NOOOO. "I" was the leprechaun.
Hubby: Well Santa came to your school...

Yeah, but you can find a Big Fat man to dress up like Santa. Finding a two foot midget is a little bit harder!

Moral of the story: It is a good thing my hubby is not a teacher!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite Drink Is...

Of all time is either 1-Bud Light or 2-Diet Coke. I have had students give me packs of Diet Coke for Christmas. So in the pic below in Vegas, I was drinking a BIG ole Bud Light. Favorite beer of all time! What is your favorite drink? I will probably die more from the bad chemicals in the Diet Coke rather than the alcohol in Bud Light. But let's cross our fingers that it doesn't happen any time soon...

(and I look like I might of had a few too many....don't show this pic to my mom!)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nascar in Vegas

In honor of Nascar Sunday, I thought I would show you what we saw from our room in Vegas. All the rigs going down the strip. They are kind of fuzzy because well it was through the window....but look first pic DALE JR... and then some of the others in the other pic. Everyone thought we were there for the race. At least they would ask my hubby that?!! Probably cause we are southerners! We would say no, our honeymoon! :) We did meet Michael Waltrip. He was eating at this restaurant Olives. Freddie went up and ask him for his autograph but drunk Freddie called him Darryl (his brother). So he signed the menu and underneath wrote (Darryl's bro).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dancing Queen and Kings...Part 2

Note: pic below I see Amy and Greg cutting a rug!And look, Molly and Jack cutting a rug
And Cady, too...
And Cuz Jen...
And what were these ladies doing?

Dancing Queen...Part 1

Dancing Queen...You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life!

And some dancing Kings, too!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Party Favors Anyone???

We had two party favors:

Party favor #1:koozies! Everyone loved them especially Bill (my dad). He wanted to know where I got them. Thanks to Amanda for the picture! They turned out great:

In case you were wondering: one side had, Jen and Fred...Got Hooked, the other side has our initials and the date, February 23, 2008

Party favor #2: was POPCORN: BIG HIT!!!

Bridesmaid Brunch

So thanks to my Aunt Joy and Susan (mom's bff), they threw me a yummy bridesmaid brunch. Full of grits and yummy biscuits and all kinds of goodies. However, I have never been so nervous. My stomach was not good. I even thought I might puke before I walked down the aisle. But thank goodness I did not!

Here was a picture before I walked down the aisle.

Logan and me before I thought I might puke:
The other pics can be found on my cousin's website! I forgot to take pics at the bridesmaid luncheon! :(

Let's Do It Again

Let's Do It Again.....???

ME and My Hubby (Rehearsal Dinner at West Lake):

Okay, so here is my quick rendition of the rehearsal dinner. Freddie sister gave a hilarious speech. Did you know that when he was little she put makeup on him including blue eyeshadow and lipstick and did his hair? He was her babydoll. Also his brother sent a video from Iraq! Wow, it was great. My cousin even shed a tear, who imagined?? And my mom's bestest friend Susan gave a speech on all the top 1975 songs (year I was born). One was Born to Be A Country Boy (my hubbie) and another was Let's Do It Again! HA!!! Along with many others songs she told us about. We had a great time. But don't ask my sister or Freddie's sister how they felt on Saturday. They had way too much fun or maybe they were overserved? Let's just say that I had to sleep on a bed with no sheets....ummm, a little pukie in the beddie. Thanks Amanda. I still love you! Warning: Lots of Pics!

Me, Layton (bil) and nephew drinking (just kidding.....he is pretending to be one of the many drunks!)

Freddie's sister giving her famous speech!

Freddie's nieces and me:

Me, Buddy, and Freddie:Logan, Lindsey, Whitley, Me, and Grace Ann:Amanda, Me, Nat, and Jen: