Tuesday, May 24, 2011

17 months

Guess who was 17 months yesterday (May 23, 2011)? Yep, Little Man. I can't believe his is getting so big...he is so tall and yet only weighs 23 lbs (for like the past 3 months). He wears size 18-24 month tops, size 9-12 months shorts, and size 18 month shortalls. Yep, 9 month shorts. He doesn't get skinny from momma!
He says: dada, mama (a picture...of anything is mama, a mountain, me, or any person), he can say bye bye clearly. He can make a monkey noise and a lion noise. He calls our dog Harley "out". Since hubby tells the dog that all the time, I guess he think his name is Out! :)
He can sign more, milk, and please. He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is a very picky eater. Just this week he started eating cheese and loves Apple Jacks. Anything sweet but no meat! He gives kisses to everyone even Evie. But sometimes we just get the "cheek"!

He is a wild man. Not so good at the word no. If he has something of yours don't tell him no, he'll usually throw it down! :(

And just this morning...guess who was bare bottom sitting in their crib. We have our hands full!