Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are you kidding me?

Okay, so to protect the innocent, I am so not going to tell names. But I went to a party last Saturday night and we were the last to leave. Usual thing? I guess. It was like a crunked up baby shower! WOW! We had a blast. However, at the end of the evening the hostess was cleaning up. Apparently, she is soooo not like me. I don't normally clean up the night of a party. Too much wine or beers maybe? Anyhoo, she had a rake for her oriental carpet fringe. What??? Yep, she rakes the fringe on her dining room rug. I had never heard of such. If my fringe was messed up I probably wouldn't even notice. Not on my top priorities of things to be done....sweet girl, but that kind of thing doesn't bother me. I don't have OCD (like my sis!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Reply Card is Missing!

This is what people keep telling me. My wedding is a bit unusual. We sent out wedding invitations (family only) and then everyone else is invited to the reception. At the bottom of the reception invitation it stated: A Favour of a Reply is Requested. And everyone keeps telling me there was no reply card. Well, NO DUH!

So I thought I would post what to do when you received my wedding reception invitation:

According to the Crane Website:

Formal Responses

Although most wedding invitations are sent with reply cards, many are sent with a reply request engraved on the reception card instead. These invitations require a handwritten response. Formal responses are handwritten on ecru or white letter sheets. These sheets were traditionally blank but may now have a tasteful monogram blind embossed on the top.
Responses follow the format of the invitations. Since wedding invitations are issued in the third person, responses are written in the third person as well. The guests' full social names and titles are used while only the hosts' titles and surnames are written. On the envelopes, however, the hosts' full names are used with their titles. Acceptances repeat the date and time while regrets repeat just the date. There is no need to mention the reason for not attending.


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen Singer
accept with pleasure
the kind invitation of
Mr. and Mrs. Forrester
for Saturday, the twenty-third of August
at six o'clock


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen Singer
regret that they are unable to accept
the kind invitation of
Mr. and Mrs. Forrester
for Saturday, the twenty-third of August

In what color ink should responses be written?

Formal responses may be written in blue or black ink. Most people, however, prefer black ink since it usually matches the invitations.

When should responses be sent?
Most invitations mention the date before which responses are needed. Your response should be mailed so that it arrives before its deadline. If no date is mentioned, responses should be sent three days after the invitation is received.

How is the response written when children are invited?

The names used in your response should be the same as those written on the inside envelope you received. If your children are invited, their names will be listed on the face of the inside envelope, beneath yours. When writing your response, repeat the names as they are written on the inside envelope.

According to Emily Post:
You write a formal reply or note stated your intention.

According to
Once upon a time, people didn’t need response cards. When they received a written invitation, they would RSVP on their own stationery, offering congratulations and whether or not they would be able to attend.

So if you didn't know the "formal" thing to do, now ya do! :)
And take no offense all you who did not know what to do. Just wanted to let you know what Emily Post or how the old Southern ladies would do it!
And you can email me or call me too. (I ain't Emily Post!)

And all you bloggers who want to come, email me and we will see what we can do! :) For a good price...I just might consider it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Did you read my "ticker"??? That's right. One more month until the big plunge. And I still have LOTS to do.....oh my goodness!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bridal Portrait

Yes, I finally had my "photo shoot" today as I was calling it...not that I really need a 18x24 picture of me on the wall, but that is what everyone does, right? So I had the day off, great day to do it...but you say it was cold, um, yeah freezing my arse off! My fat did not help keep me warm today. It was like 38 degrees maybe? I think the high was 44 but I never saw that on my car thermometer today! And I was on the water, a little breezy. I got them taken at River Island and the place is very nice. I hope my pics turn out great. Oh, and Leigh did my hair. She is the most awesome hair dooer-upper who isn't even a beautician. You rock Leigh!

My Favorite Store

Addicted to Shopping? No, not really but read on...

So my favorite store a guess....if you talk to me on the phone, you have probably talked to me here...TARGET! Love it. I should buy stock in it. What do they NOT have?? Cute clothes, toiletries, and now even more food. Luv it, luv it. Well, buying some things today (hairspray and some bobby pins for bridal portrait) and just happened upon these cute pajamas bottoms and had to have them. I think Amy would love them, see her blog and you will see why!

Monday, January 14, 2008

This Kitchen Was Clean Yesterday...

Sorry you missed it!!

That is my motto! ha! I am not the cleanest person, that's for sure. But thanks to my sis, she is helping me to become better. She even helped me clean for Vicky! Check it out. This is my house: (some of the clean room is not going to be shown!)
PS: This was Saturday, not today!!! :)

It is like Christmas ALL Over again

Wedding Bells are Near.....

Below are some of the gifts I got last weekend. All kinds of good stuff. Salad servers, a device to turn your wine bottles into candle holders, lots of stuff that is my Juliska pattern, and cute stuff for my house! Oh and even some fancy Waterford, thanks mom!


HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Going to be a great year (guess who's getting married, me!!!)

So my first post of the New Year! I have been busy. As my fiance was saying on New Years, don't be late in 2008 ! Well I guess I am a little late posting something. Oh well. Why was he saying that you ask? Probably too many beers on New Year's Eve, not that I have room to talk. But the Krystal burgers were darn good that night at 3am!

So better late than never.
One of my bestest friends came to see me and go to a little "country club" style miscellaneous shower last Saturday. We wanted to steal some Velvet Hammers (vodka, vanilla bean ice cream and something else, not sure) to go. BUT we behaved, we just had wine and cheese. We even just went out to eat with my cousins and Freddie and a friend and really behaved. We wouldn't have behaved had it been 10 years ago and we were in college. But that is a different story!

Me and Vicky (the friend who came to see me):

My mom, me, and my soon to be MIL:

My friend Susan, me, and Vicky:

The Beach Girls (aka Vegas Girls aka Rodeo Girls)!!!!