Friday, February 26, 2010

Cold Day in Hell

A couple of weeks ago it must have been a cold day in hell...because it snowed here in Georgia!! I rarely snows...usually freezes. This was the weekend before I went back for maternity leave. So the night it snowed we went over to my cuz's house (hubby has 4-wheel drive) and had a little suppa club.

Freddie and Trace the day after
Mommy and Trace
Trace's first snow!!!
Snow Suppa Club
He's just a sleeping through it! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Picture Perfect

I finally ordered my birth announcements for the little man. This is not the picture I used (see several posts below and I used the one where I am holding him) but wanted to give thanks to Nicole (check out her facebook page) for taking time to get a good one. Here is another cute one below of the little man. She just sent me the CD and can't wait to print all of them out! :) She is going to take some 3 month pictures of him too and I can't wait. She is sooo good at capturing the little ones! I wish I was that good...maybe I need a new camera? Hint hint hint!