Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Bye, Angela!!!"

SO I just had to tell everyone this funny story. Last night, I went to eat with my sister and one of her husband & wife friends. So they were a couple and we were a couple. Our waitress even asked us if we were sisters...yeah, not lesbians, thanks though. This place is next door to where my sister works, Soho. Anyhoo...There was this lady (sitting outside with her husband and children), who shall remain nameless, we will just call her "the Desperate Housewife". Well she doesn't really know my sister or I very well but was talking to me b/c her husband was staring straight ahead and wouldn't even acknowledge that other people were around. He probably has the personality of a wet paper bag. She must be very lonely. Well, my sister was talking to some other ladies, silly Soho clients as I call them, so I was stuck making small talk to the "Desperate House Wife", and when we were leaving the silly Soho clients say, "Bye!" and the Desperate Housewife yells to my sister Amanda, "Bye, Angela!" Amanda hadn't even acknowledged her or made eye contact b/c she always gets stuck talking to these "Hill Ladies" ....Well, we went into Soho for a second and laughed for a bit about her calling her Angela...came back out to really leave this time, and the woman yells again to my sister, "Bye, Angela!" So not once, now twice, has called her "Angela?" As least she knows her name starts with an A. I thought I was going to pee in my pants. I wanted to say, "her name is Amanda!!!!!" Well, who in their right mind would yell bye to someone that you haven't even said hey to? Apparently, only desperate housewives who have "woooonnnnnnnderfullll husbands and preeeeecccious children!" (As this woman as told me before......) SO, the moral of the story is: don't talk to strangers, or desperate house wives AKA Hill Ladies if they don't know your name!!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mexican Madness

Amanda, Jennifer, and me at Salsa's Mexican Restaurant

So, I think if I was going to die tomorrow, one of my "last" meals would be Mexican. YUM!!! I can't ever get enough of that, okay sometimes, but my favorite food ever invented was CHEESE DIP! Now, I will say that since I have been dating Freddie I learned about the SALSA's dip. That has the cheese, beef, and beans all in one. How sinful and fattening is that? I mean I just don't understand these anorexic people? How could you be anorexic when there is cheese dip? So, last night I went with my sister, my cousin's cousin (how redneck is that?), my sister's friend Tracey (and mine too of course) and her cute friend Courtney to Salsa's. And I learned the most disturbing news ever....Courtney said she did not like cheese? What, no wonder she is so skinny! How could someone NOT like cheese? That's like pizza, no cheeseburgers, no cheese fries, no cheesedip, no grilled cheeses, no bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, and well I could go on and on. To sum this up, I might be skinny too if I didn't eat cheese, but let me just tell you, THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random NY PICS

Picture of Rickshaw Racing thru NYC!!!
Freddie and me inside St. Patricks Cathedral (where we are getting married.....JUST KIDDING!!!!)
Natalie and Robert driving for the FDNY!
WHERE are the cute firemen? Couldn't find them..........

More Panic Pics, Next Night

More Panic Pics, Saturday Night

Inside the Show.......
After the show picture
These pictures were taken the second night, Saturday night. We had just as much fun Friday night as we did Saturday night. I am just glad that no one got my man-down picture. Robert is always videoing everyone; I think everyone was trying to keep their balance and laughing too much to take a picture of me. Thank Gosh! The last picture is of Freddie. You see, he wanted a picture of himself in my fake Chanel sunglasses. Looking good, huh??!!

Widespread Panic Show Pics at Radio City

Widespread Pics
In the lobby with our "Rockette" drinks (the ladies only)
Inside the Show......
The only nudey picture I took
Robert and Freddie outside the show
Freddie and me outside the show
So, we went to Radio City Music Hall two nights for the Panic Show. Radio City is a neat place for a concert. However; the drinks are a bit pricey. Natalie and I had "Rockette margaritas" for like $14 but hey, we got a rockette martini glass as a souvenir. We did consume a bunch of beer, as well. That is why I busted my hiney and had a mandown on the stairs Saturday night.
The only probably is that there are some Hitler employees. They are constantly checking your tickets making sure you are in your proper seats. he he he, Guess Freddie and I fooled Miss Hilter because we never sat in our real seats!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TOP of the ROCK

Top of the Rock Pictures

Central Park view
If you look close you can see the Statue of Liberty.....
Empire State in the back of us

Who knew this place existed?? Freddie and I were just walking along and saw all of these people going into this building. So, we followed and found the Top of the Rock. I think it is much better than the Empire State Building, but if you haven't been there, you should at least go. We went during the day to the Top of the Rock and it isn't as smuched up as you are in the elevators and at the top of the Empire State, but the view was great and you can see all kinds of stuff. That is my newest to me good tourist attraction!

NEW YORK CITY: The Crackers Go to the Big City

So, I just got back from NYC. We had a blast. Since we were in David Letterman's land, I figured I would post the Top Five .

5. Airport Waiting: This outdoes anything. The four of us put together wasted so much time at the airport. Thursday on the way out I was the lucky one. My plane was only delayed for like 2 hours or so...but I did wait at the ATL airport for quite some time. My mother told me I was going to get into Atlanta traffic!? Um, she must have missed that memo..made it to the airport in two hours with many hours until my plane took off. Freddie was the next to make it to NY. He left from Michigan and waited for quite some time and made it to NYC late Thursday night; however, he did not have any luggage the whole time he was there...he got it Saturday night at 2am and left Sunday at 1pm to go home. Robert and Natalie made it last to NYC on Friday..I will say that again, Friday, supposed to be there Thursday. They left from Columbia airport. Flight was cancelled. Waited all day. Spent the night at a Columbia airport, flew to ORLANDO the next morning, then to NYC. So they went from GA, to SC, to FL, to NY!!!! Airports suck!!!!!!

4. Widespread Dancing and Falling: Okay so everyone seems to dance at the Panic shows. I will say I did some dancing. Not that I am a good dancer since Robert told me, "it doesn't matter how you dance at the shows"...I think he was saying I was a bad dancer but oh well I don't care. But I am going to tell on myself. MANDOWN!!! describes me. We were leaving the panic show and I missed the last step on the carpeted staircase at Radio City Music Hall when boom, "MANDOWN!". I fell and somehow landed on all fours. All I remember is thinking, "I don't know anyone here. I don't care!" And then looking and only seeing shoes I did not recognize. I looked up, Freddie was behind me, pulled me up by my shirt, and all of these people I did not know asking me how if I was okay. It was the ones with me who were about to fall themselves due to uncontrollable laughter. I was just glad to be some form of entertainment.

3. New York Eating: There is so much food to eat in NYC I don't know where to start. We started at some Mexican place in the Village, then the Carnegie Deli where the men had the biggest rubens I have ever seen in my life, Brunch at the Bar Americain (Bobby Flay's restaurant..who Robert claims was lighting a candle in the men's restroom), a hot dog on the side of the street, beer at the Panic show at Radio City Music Hall, late night dinner at Junior's, lunch at Virgils for some NY bbq, some great thin crust pizza at John's Pizzeria, lunch again at Bobby Flay's, and I am sure I forgot something. Now, I might need to get a colon cleansing!!

2. Rickshaw Racing: So as we are leaving the Widespread show on Friday night, the boys (men) decide that we need to take a Rickshaw to the Carnegie Deli. When we asked how much the Russian men say, $30. I was like hell no! Well Robert and Natalie jumped on the back of one and Freddie and I jumped in the other. Robert and Freddie were yelling for the guys to race...and we raced right down the middle of the road in the middle of taxis and crazy New Yorkers. Freddie was even hitting the back of the seat like it was a horse......The Russians even pulled up on the sidewalk and dropped us off in front! Who can say they have raced down the streets of NYC???

1. Sweat Shop Shopping: So remember how your mom told you not to go in a dark alley by yourself?? Well, there were four of us. In order to find some great looking fake Coach bags, we followed some man down a dark alley, up six flights of stairs.....(and along the way we saw women sewing in hot sweaty rooms) to a room filled with all kinds of fake bags. I have never seen such. The oriental woman did say, "I give you good deal. You last customers!" I mean I think I got a good deal...guess we will see when the zippers fall off. However, when I left...I hauled butt out of there. Freddie was the first in line on the way up. He was trying to protect us. Said he was following so close in case he had to grab the guy by the back of his shirt and throw him over the stair banister. I mean that is true love!!

Stayed tuned for pictures tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

July "Four"teenth-ing It!!!

Freddie being the "center of attention"!
Chatting it up on the deck
Guess who had to push the jet ski in??
I think this is a "cornhole" moment. Check out my other post about that.
Posing on the boat!

So, July 4 was really celebrated July 14th this year by us at the lake. My cousin Robert cooked a big ole pig. I would have taken a picture of its head but the boys threw it away in the trashcan. What???? For you worriers, it was already dead.....But we ate pig, went out on the boat, and had a great time. Of course, I got to show off my ring as well!!


Playing some games at the lake......

Freddie plays at night.....

Brighton thinks it is a slide.....wheeeee!!!

Nice follow-thru, Robert!

Okay, so I know that is a Beavis and Butthead term; however, this game Cornhole is a lot of fun. We have been playing it at the lake. At first, I was like it is just a sophisticated bean bag toss. But it is addicting. I must say I have beat 2 boys so far, maybe I should say men, because if they found out I said boys they might get mad. The "boys" do yell Cornholio when they make it in. You get one point for making it on the board and three points if you make a "cornholio!". Apparently, it is the latest thing at the races! So get your motors running....... :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Check out my pretty ring. He did it all by himself, I think!!!! And the correct size too.
Guess what? On July 9, 2007 Freddie and I got engaged!! YEAH!!! Apparently he was a sneak. He went about 2-3 weeks ago with him mom and sister to Atlanta, while I thought he was at work, to the mart and bought my ring. You see, he leaves the 16th to go to Michigan for 8 weeks. He must have wanted to make sure I was his "boo" before he left! So Monday, he went over to my mom and dad's house to make sure it was okay. Then he told me that we were going to eat dinner at Bonefish (my favorite) and then when I got to his house, I took Harley, my little doggie, out, and Freddie was pacing in the kitchen. I was wondering what the heck he was doing. He told me he had a present for me and I thought he was going to burp in my ear!! Don't ask me why. Then he pulled out my ring and said "Well?" I said, "You didn't say anything." So then he asked me to marry him and of course I said, "Yes!!!" while my hand was shaking! Then we went to Bonefish and celebrated and even got some free champagne!! I didn't have any pictures of us that night, except on my phone, because my sister had borrowed my camera. I guess he should have told her too!! :) We did go over to his mom's house after dinner. His brother's family was in town and everyone was just-a-waiting for us to show up. Apparently, his sister and brother had been driving him crazy. His brother is a Lt. Colonel??, (don't quote me on that one), in the army and was in town visiting before he goes to Iraq for 15 they were calling Freddie asking, "Is the operation complete?" So to answer that question, now it is!!!

One of the best moments of the night, besides the actual engagement, was Freddie's niece, Logan. She wasn't there when we first got to his mom's house. She was at the GreenJackets game with Phil and Brice (Freddie's stepdad and nephew). Well, all I did was hold my hand up and she SCREAMED and then cried. Kind of reminded me of someone winning the Miss America Pagent. Maybe she is a little Miss America in training. Well anyway, it made my night. She calls me Aunt Jenna (long story). So maybe I will call her little Miss Beauty Queen!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

EDISTO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDISTO FUN (after the fourth!!!)
This is little man Charlie. Maybe next
year he can join in the sprinkler fun.
Aunt "Jenaser" bought Madison an Elmo Sprinkler!

Amanda and Madison try to taste the water. Yummy!
Amanda loves to teach her new tricks!
Aunt Linda and Madison pose for a picture.

After the fun at the lake, I headed to Edisto to see my parents and my aunt's family. They have a nice beach house. Of course, we did a little baby sitting and played in the sprinkler, well I set it up and Amanda and Madison had a fun time shaking their booties in the water.


at the

These are some pictures from July 4th at Robert and Natalie's Lake house. Freddie's sister's family came up for the day. We had a great time tubing until Freddie decided that the ladies needed to be thrown off and have water up their noses. Revenge will be sweet!!! :)


July 3rd Fireworks on the Lake
Buddy and Mary Elizabeth, watching the sunset.
Robert and Natalie..."Happy Tuesday".

Freddie and I cruising......
We were cruising on the "Pack-a-Cracka's" to see the fun. Of course Mary Elizabeth convinced Buddy and Robert to get into the freezing, cold water for a little swim. Little snooker booger.

First post ever

This is my first posting. I just created this account and will be posting pictures soon. Can't wait to get them up! Stay tuned for more....