Monday, November 24, 2008

Time Out

Look who is in time-out!!??. Actually put himself in time out tonight...I made us a new dinner tonight. Pork Chop Hashbrown Casserole. UMMMMMM. And well Freddie got seconds and Harley "snuck" into the den. (He and other doggie Hank must stay in Kitchen while we eat)...well Freddie went to go to the bathroom and his dinner was on his "tray" that we have in the den. Well Harley got himself a piece of porkchop and was eating it on the ottoman. Too bad I caught him. Good thing it was seconds and that I made extra. Or Harley might be "meat" for another dinner if you know what I mean. Well poor Harley put himself in time out. Actually not poor Harley because after being yelled out by both of us...he growled and showed his teeth. Bad, bad doggie! Oh and he is now not allowed in the den tonight, according to Daddy! So I am being punished with the dogs while I try to make treats for my class.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two For Tuesday

Here are my two random posts of the day:

One-after cleaning up after my yummy homemade dinner (vension casserole, rice, turnip greens with pepper sauce,and done butter biscuits) my dog (Hank) decides to hike his leg up and pee on the toilet paper. Isn't that an oxymoron? Aren't you supposed to wipe up with the tp? At least it was a huge thing of it from Sam's and protected by plastic!

Two-why is it that when parents visit the classroom that kids act wild and crazy? Wouldn't you think that if your mom and dad (or whoever) came to school that you would be on your best behavior? must have been opposite day. When the parents came today, they acted worse. Oh me oh me oh my! I even said if my mom and dad had come I would have been "perfect". One student says "or you would have gotten a whoopin?" Yeah....back in the day. Do kids still get these?