Saturday, March 17, 2012


This Friday and Saturday it was mommy and Trace's first road trip. Just the two of us. We thought about going to Ireland...haha...But decided to go to Charlotte to see a great teacher friend and her son. Well we had a blast. We went to the park, played hard with "new" toys (new to Trace), went out to eat, went to Gymboree for a class, and to Discovery Kids Place. We definitely will have to do it again. It is so good to see how someone else handles a two year old. I will say Trace had a bit of a problem taking a nap on Friday but other than that he was pretty much well behaved. Her son is quite the talker and one time Trace ran into the road and he gave him a lecture instead of me! :) (Well me too...but it was soooo cute!)

Daddy likes this picture!

Working on cars.
Getting ready for summer.
Being the bubble hog! (His latest obsession)
His other love: a ball!!!!