Sunday, December 28, 2008

Punked or Not Punked?

Poor Harley...had some flea infestation....and had to get an allergy shot, got a new flea med: Comfortis, and antibiotics. Merry Christmas to him one hundred fifty dollars later. But this is where it gets good. This woman sitting in the waiting area (with a YORKIE) calls possibily a son says I want you to talk to "Roxy" and tell her that it is okay because she is so nervous. Then the woman says "are you talking to her? I am going to put it on speakerphone so she can hear you!" then she puts the phone up to Roxy's ear. I can hear a guy saying something but couldn't make it out the words. Then after the phone call she puts Roxy back in her crate and puts all of these brochures with pictures of dogs on them that she found in the vets office and says "these pictures will make you feel better"!

Another woman and I were making eye contact and I really thought I was going to bust out laughing. Tried to secretly get a picture but just took one of Harley because I got nervous she would see me. Who knows what a wacko like that might do if I took her and her dog's picture!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas Cards!

So I tried to put a picture of my Christmas card on here for all to see. is so small and when I make it bigger it is sooo fuzzy! But here are the three pictures below. And it said...Merry Christmas...Love, Hank, Harley, and the "Newlyweds"!

So Merry Christmas to All....