Thursday, July 28, 2011


Recently, Trace says something that sounds like "wah dah" and points. So we think maybe he is saying, "What's That?" So we tell him what something is (anything from the stove to Daddy's hat to fan to lights)...well tonight he did the SWEETEST thing. We were looking at his little baptism photo book that someone gave him and I put all the pictures from that day in it. He was looking at pictures of himself, hubby, and me. We got to the page with my dad on it. He pointed at it and said, "wah dah" and I said that is Granddaddy. He waves at him and says, "hi"!!! He was being such a little pill earlier and well, then he is such the sweetest thing ever!!! :)
This is the picture of Grandaddy (who passed away 3 months later).
This was a picture of Trace on his baptism day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One in a Melon

Trace-this is your Summer Fun Mother's Day Out art project #2. What's wrong with it you ask? Well you WOULD NOT let your teachers put black paint on your fingers so you could make the seeds. So I guess you are "One in a Melon" but seedless watermelons!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bye Bye Bye!

Evie can wave and say bye!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

8 months

Happy 8 months (last Friday) Baby Girl!!!! July 11, 2011

This is a pic of you in your headband Mimi bought you in HHI. (Your Aunt Amanda says you look like a pageant girl! ha ha ha)
You were watching your cousin Logan eat a sandwich. You REALLY wanted it!
You stuff as many puffs in your mouth as you can!

Evie I can't believe you are 8 months.

Lately, you are a momma's girl....and when I say that...I mean it. I leave the room and you cry (even with relatives). B.B. took you to Edisto early and she couldn't leave your side you cried when she left the room. When I got there, you did the same thing with me (even when I left you with your daddy). You did the same thing when we went to Hilton Head. What's up with that? What are you going to do when I go back to work? Let's hope you don't do that at MDO in the fall. I don't want to get that phone call that you won't settle down! :)

  • You got a bottom tooth on the right.
  • You are waving and say ba ba ba.
  • You say na na na when you are hungry.
  • You are completely crawling on your hands and knees.
  • You are pulling yourself up and even in the crib I found you standing one day.
  • When I put you in your crib you sit up and scream when it is time you go to bed. AND you still wake up about 4am and have to sleep with me. No bottle, no passy, nothing will let you go back to sleep. I have decided that if you sleep til 4am in your own bed, that's good enough for now!!
  • You and your brother are wearing the same size diapers!
  • You LOOOOVVVEEEE Baby Einstein. You don't even move when it is on. We have created a TV monster, I guess.
  • You always have these BLOWOUT diapers. What's up with that?
  • You love to eat MUMs. You really love anything we give you. You even licked some bacon last weekend at the beach. Your brother wouldn't touch probably would have eaten it if you had teeth!
  • You have learned to scream (from your brother) in delight. We took the two of you to lunch yesterday and it was a disaster/nuts. We won't be doing that for a while!! :)
  • We love you to pieces. Some days I could just eat you up! :)