Saturday, October 25, 2008


So yesterday as I was working on my big project for my masters...the lights start flickering and it is raining hard. I am thinking I better keep saving or the power is going to go out. Then I hear a noise and think that something hit the roof. Go out front. See nothing...go out back...SEE A FREAKIN' TREE DOWN IN MY BACKYARD! Yep, the roots and all went up underneath the chain link fence so a big ole hole in the fence too.

If anyone needs firewood for the winter, let us know. Bring your chainsaw. We don't even have a fire place! I hope hubby wants to clean this mess up. Probably not! Yesterday he was at some "ping pong tournament"...what kind of excuse for drinking is that? Anyway, he did not seem to care that we had a tree down in our backyard. I think he thought it was a little NO...goes all the way across the backyard.

So bring your chainsaws and I will provide the beer or wine. We'll have a little Stock Your Fireplace Party!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

So a few weeks ago, I left my cell phone at home. I use it like my clock. I take it to recess with my kids and well I just felt so empty and lost without it. (Cause my expensive watch just doesn't really work!) What is  a girl to do?

So I email hubby when I get to school and tell him when he wakes up he needs to bring me my phone.

A couple hours later, he arrives at my back door at school, and gives it to my assistant. Of course we are in the middle of dancing to our spelling words. One kid yells, "Mrs. Neal, who was that? Was that your dadddy?"

HA!!!!! HA!!!!!! HA!!!!!! My daddy, huh? Um no that is my  husband. 

My assistant and I were laughing so hard I think I started crying. So apparently I am soooo young looking. Must be the absence of gray hair! Although I guess I should knock on some wood....

Kids are just so funny sometimes and don't even know it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Almost wordless: recent birthday gifts!