Friday, September 19, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

My hubby and I were just a match made in heaven (back in the day)....weren't we?????

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So my new addiction is facebook. Let me know if you are on facebook and you are not my friend!

And well who knew from the movie OFFICE SPACE that flair would be famous one day...

Here are some of my favorites lately......



So last weekend when Georgia played Central Michigan and beat them to a pulp, Freddie and I went to Athens with some friends. One it was my "birthday weekend" (Monday the 8th) so of course we needed to do something fun. We rode up there with our friends Amy & Hyden. They are so much fun. Anyway, we park at the Kroger in A-town and get into an Escalade to go tail-gate. ALL 8 of us scrunched up on the coolers, BBQ, food, chairs, etc. What a sight for sore eyes. Then we have the ultimate parking spot right next to the stadium. We could see inside the stadium from where we were.

It was Freddie and my first game "together". I can't believe since we have been dating and engaged, now married, that we never have gone to a game.

Anyway, the game was fun (and hot). I won't tell you what Freddie snuck into the game and then proceeded to put in my purse. And then we were talking to some guy from the GBI. Felt nervous!!! Like a kid at a high school football game.

Then we come home and the ride home was hilarious.....I will post some pics from that later.

You Tube Help

Hey does anyone know how to post a video straight from you tube to this blog? I couldn't figure it out! I feel like a moron!!! If you can help me I would appreciate it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Grade Facts Part One

So it has been a while since I have blogged. SOOO busy and well lately I have been addicted to is so quick!

Anyway, I am now officially a first grade teacher and sooooooooo exhausted. I have twenty first graders in my room. Boy they keep you on your toes. And now guess what? I lost my voice. Cold maybe? Who knows. Try teaching twenty little ones with no voice. That was fun today.

Facts for the Day:
1.No matter how many times you ask them to be quiet. They TALK NON-STOP.
2.They love to throw rocks at recess...and try to maybe hit an assistant or two.
3.They come back from lunch with mustard and whatever all over their face.
4.They will do anything and I mean anything for ONE single little Skittle. And they will cry if they do not get one.
5.They raise their hands but yell Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Neal....all day long. Can I change my name?
6.They pee all day long. Do kids really need to use the bathroom THAT much?
7.If they don't call me Mrs. Neal, they call me MOMMA. WHAT? Um....not yet, thank you.
8.They all look forward to Fun Friday...and SO DO I! :)