Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Tidbits


*I have NOT cooked since school started. Good thing it is just me and hubby and so when it is "my turn" (because thanks to him for cooking when it is "his turn") we can just go out to eat.

*I get swollen calves everyday. Went to the doctor on Wednesday. Just a pregnancy thing. No high blood pressure, everything is normal! Oh well guess I need to just deal!

*Went to the Darius Rucker concert on Thursday night. It rocked. I wore my cowboy boots and my legs didn't swell! Maybe I need to wear those boots to school everyday! :) Also baby was just a moving...guess he liked it and was dancing!!!

*There is this newspaper thing I think it is called "Jail Times" that you can buy for $1 at convenience stores. It shows all the recent mug shots!!! We were reading it this morning at the Waffle House. There is a parent of a child that I taught last year in there. Hi-lar-i-ous!!!!!

*A little girl in my room told me she could see my baby's fingers sticking out of my belly yesterday! HAHAHA. It was my jeans where they fasten together and I had on kind of a tight shirt. I was like no honey that is just my jeans.

*Another child asked me if I was going to take my baby to the zoo? Where did that come from!??

*And another child everyday asks if the baby is still in my tummy!

*I have a beach weekend plan with one of my bestest friends from college. Can't wait until October!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fotos!

Before.......(13 weeks, I think)

After....(22 weeks on Monday...this was last week at 21 weeks)

Let me just tell you.....
5 months pregnant+back to work+19 first graders+swollen calves everyday+EXHAUSTION=wish I didn't have to work!!!!!
(And I am only like half-way there.....oh goodness gracious!)