Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

The "Who Has Had Too Many" Drinks?

This was at the wedding too; however, I am going to call this: Jennifer has had TOO many margaritas (shh don't tell anyone) and I don't know how to take pictures!. Oh I thought I was taking some good ones. The first is me and the bride. Too funny! Oh well. Her photographer took TONS of pics so I am sure she will have plenty to choose from. :) Guess I shouldn't have so much tequila. Maybe I would make a better sober photographer!??

Tracy and Lee's Wedding...Mr. and Mrs. Rose

I present to you. Mr. and Mrs. Rose!
I am soooo disappointed. My camera did not take great pics. But that's is their first dance and then Lee getting that garder (sp??). Anyhoo, Tracy looked beautiful and Lee looked handsome. Congratulations guys. Have fun sipping on drinks in the islands!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hungry Butt

Oh to define that expression: "When your butt is starved of fresh air and water, and decides to eat your underwear or pants"! This was last week here in town...and well if my pants look like that would you please let me know?! How do you not know that your pants are up your hiney? PLEASE PLEASE let me know if I have this, or if I have food in my teeth, or my zipper is undone, or worse my shirt is tucked in my underwear not my pants. So do you tell people when things like this happen to them? Sometimes at school I will look and my zipper is down. You would think my kindergarten students would tell me they can see my undies...who knows!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two-Eyed Tuesday

Everyone wants to see how they look in my fantabulous glasses. So there is me first, then cousin Jen, and then Sis. So see everyone should wear glasses like me. Makes ya look smart! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Masters Week, Part Three

I guess you can call these the AFTER pictures. AFTER some Big Nasty's (some special type of margarita). Not sure what makes these nasty, pretty tasty if you ask me! See the third pic below of my half empty Big Nasty!

Masters Week, Part Two

Another night out on the town...about to head out. Let's call these the BEFORE pictures!

Masters Week, Part One

Just to make everyone jealous, these are the only 5 pictures that can be posted. The others are way too incriminating. Doesn't it make you jealous? Don't you wish you could have been there? It was Par 3, Wednesday Night. Fun times! Let's just say that I have some blackmail pictures now! :)

My Dirty Little Secret

All I am going to say is that it is Masters Week here in town and I am NOT ashamed!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Puppy Portrait

Maybe two years ago my mom had Harley's portrait done for my birthday. The artist even came to her house to check out Harley. Hubby thinks it is ridiculous that I have hung it in our house. WHATEVER!! I like my doggie's portrait. Maybe I need to get one done of his dog and then Hubby won't have these whose doggie is better issues...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Only Baby...

For now!
This is my little pooch Harley. His life has recently been turned upside down when I moved in with my hubby. He went from inside dog to part inside-outside dog. But he loves it. (Although my sister thinks I am cruel.) It is much easier to eat dinner when he is outside...(Thanks to Grand Poo-Pa {my dad} who taught him how to really beg and who likes to feed him scraps!)
And actually my baby is 21 in dog years. And he does love a good beer drip or two every now and then.

Oh and we also have Hank (not to take favoritism over the dogs or anything). But Hank is in doggie training to be a field trial champion (hopefully) so he is not here very much! But Hank really is a baby. He is a puppy.