Saturday, November 16, 2013

Princess Birthday Party #3

The Princess had her first birthday party (not a joint with her brother). She had a Princess Sophia party. They decorated crowns, had a princess cake, ate princess food (even cheese shaped like crowns) and of course popcorn. Don't all princesses love popcorn? Well ER sure does!

She had a great time with all her princess friends. She got tons of princess toys and the party lasted all weekend. She got to go to Build-A-Bear for the first time and got "Princess Bear" ( what she named her) and she is a princess bear with a crown and a tutu!

I can't believe this girl is officially 3. She is so tall (I can't wait to see how tall on her 3 year appt). She doesn't MISS A THING!!!!! Don't tell her or her brother anything because they remember everything. She is the one who tells me all kinds of stuff from school like what the boy across from her ate for lunch. Her brother can't even remember what he ate for lunch some days! :)

She knows most of her letters by recognition and some sounds and can count to 20 and above with help (sometimes she does skip 13 for some reason?!) She loves to watch tv-more than her brother-and loves Minnie, Sophia the First, and Team Umizoomi (esp the Halloween one...this girl loved Halloween and all of the "spooky" stuff). She has been full potty trained since last Spring and we never have an accident at night. This girl can hold for hours! But if she wakes up she just yells my name until I go in there. We did buy some black out curtains so she will sleep later...sometimes she does but I have to "trick" her and tell her it is the middle of the night! ;)

 She is also a little diva. She wants things her way most of the time. She is also so funny and "so swilly" (silly) as she says. Her new thing is to pretend to call people and tell them things. She "calls" Cinderella and tells her things and says she will see her soon at Disney World (we went back in October). She also LOVES to pretend to call her grandmothers and tell them that her brother is not listening. What a hoot it is to hear her "calls". Sometimes the calls are on her pretend phones and sometimes her calls are on "hotwheels". They make good phones and you can text on them too! ;) She does love her brother but he really loves her. He put that he was thankful for "his sister" on a paper that came home. How sweet is that?!!

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